Here is a note from Debi -

"Just wanted to make sure people know they have until tomorrow...as I am waiting for my therapist for my son to get an order to me in the morning. :)Also, to be clear...the party total is around $600, I don't know what your percentage is, so more purchases would be fabulous!!!!"

Also, just an update on Carson~

Tonight around 6pm Carson was outside playing and tripped and hit her head right where she had surgery. She did bust it open and we were on the phone with CHW.
The on call NS wanted us to drive down to Milwaukee to have it looked at But, also gave us permission to go to the ER here and have a doc look at it to see if it needed more stiches.
I was able to hunt down a local Neuro surgeon and he agreed to meet us here in the ER.


Anyhow, he sealed her up with derabond and off we went. Hopefully, she will not have any other issues.


Michelle said...

Wow! Never a dull moment!! I hope Carson's doing okay. How scary.

Anonymous said...

Cin ~ I left my cell in the car yesterday and got your note this morning! ACKKK! I'm glad that it sounds they sealed her with glue, and not more stitches! (((HUGS))) speedy healing! love, Kaci

BoufMom9 said...

Holy cow! How scary!
Well, still waiting on a few more orders, but the party definitely made it over $600, which from what Barb said will atleast amount to $100 for you (if not a bit more)
I really wish it was more, and I will paste your button on my blog!
Anything at all that i can do to help...