Here we go AGAIN

Carson's eye appointment went well today. I pretty much knew it would, except it does not change next Tuesday, the 24th.

Next Tuesday, she will have the ICP probe surgically inserted in between her dura and brain. It will stay they for 2/3 days. During that duration, she will reside in the PICU.

Once again, I will try to be strong for my family. I will reside in the PICU with her the entire time. I will watch my baby come out of surgery, again, and this time with wires coming out her skull.

While we are there, I am hoping to chat with the cranio team to find out what the plan is for her skull reconstruction 2.

So, here's a relaxing weekend and a nerve wracking next week.


BoufMom9 said...

OH Cindy!
You just amaze me with your strength.
Here's some news! While you are at the hospital, I will be raising money for your family. Our fundraiser will be starting next week!
:) Debi
ps As always, your family is in my prayers.

debi said...

You are a super mom and human being. Hang in there and know many are praying for you and your wonderful family.

Anonymous said...

You will try to be strong? I'm sure you're not feeling like it right now, but you are! You're amazing. And you both will come through this with flying colors.

I was really frightening with ICP monitoring prior to going in, but it wasn't near as bad as I feared. Take lots of things for her to do while she's hanging out. Child life was a big help to us to keep mine entertained!

love, Kaci