OK, so I am a bit behind in posting pictures.... our desk top computer croaked on us so now I am learning how to work this stupid laptop. God help me!
Anyways, better late then never, right?
I think Riley likes what Dr. Frim is telling her~

Riley and her famous artwork (red one above her). Art gallery in Comer children's hospital.

4 yahoos in Frim's office

What?? This isn't Frim's OB clinic?

Keegan and Dr. Ferguson - Finger, nose, finger, nose.....

Twin super heros at the RMDH

Strawberry shortcake was there too!

Molly and I

Jack and Carson grocery shopping together at the RMDH.


Jean said...

I love the picture of Riley with a "baby" under her shirt. That look on her face is precious.

BoufMom9 said...

Great to see some new pictures. I LOVE the one of them all together! So cute!