Home sweet home

Hi Ya'll:

We are home from a great trip to San Antonio TX.

I will write more later, just wanted to get the pictures up and going.

Riley and her godparents Jerry Z.and Betsy R.

9 kids in a little pool

Betsy and the four kids in our condo.

Uncle Mike and Cooper on the River walk boat ride

The River walk

The Cole Family

Matt in front of the Alamo

Carson cooling off at Sea world

Mandy, Brandon, Carson and I getting soaked!!

Cooper playing at Sea World

Dad, Madison (Jolene's youngest), Mandy, Brandon, Matt and Keegan on the little coaster - Sea World.

Shamu - Sea World

Jolene and Riley

Coop and Papa
Carson and I

Alyssa (Jolene's oldest), Taylor (Jerry's oldest), and Riley

The newest swimmer - Carson
Got Buns?

Keegan hangin' out

Rain forest Cafe'

Rain forest Cafe'

5 little monkey's at the San Antonio Zoo

This squirrel was the funniest thing I saw the entire trip. How hot is it?

Also, there has been a little correction with Carson. Carson will not be having the ICP probe study done on the 17th. The NS wanted her to see the opthamologist prior to the study. So, we will see the eye doc here in Appleton on the 19th, and her ICP surgery will be on the 24th. She will spend her 48 hours in the PICU. I will post more about it as it gets closer.


Michelle said...

Looks like a WONDERFUL trip! Hope it was as fun as it looks! :)

We see Dr. R on the 19th, too! At 9:10 AM - will we run into you?!

Betsy said...

Great pictures! Unfortunately, the Blu-Blockers are no more...My dog chewed them to pieces about 2 days after I got back from San Antonio. As you can imagine, I was devastated.

But that was a really fun trip! I wished I could have stayed longer- I should have just asked for a couple days off. Hopefully we can do something like this again soon!!

Anonymous said...

Great photos of San An! My aunt and uncle used to live there and we went to visit when in Jr. high. eek...lots of years ago.

Love the buns photo too! And I CAN'T believe how much Carson and Cooper have grown. They just look so much more grown up in these photos.


BoufMom9 said...

Looks like a fabulous trip! The pictures are all just wonderful!
Everyone looks so happy! Nice to see such huge smiles! :)

ps How strange is this??? My word verification is " Shamoo" !!! LOL