September 20th, 2008

Will be the first Conquer Chiari walk across America day!! I am so pumped about it.

We have got to do more to spread the word about this terrible disease.

Remember the balls I got and put in my big girl undies? Well, they are riding high right now.
Not that I don't have much going on in my life right now (cause you all damn well know I am inches from drowning), but I am hoping to have Appleton as the Wisconsin city to have the walk. CC is trying to get a walk in each 50 states, and I want to be the organizer (with help from a few friends) for the Appleton walk!!!
Hopefully I will hear something this coming week if we get it or not.

Please keep your fingers crossed. We have got to raise money to find a cure - and fast!

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Michelle said...

Oh that would be great to have it locally! No matter where the walk is held, though - what wonderful awareness.