A confirmation

Well, Nothing to exciting yet on Carson. We did hear something yesterday from the CFS. He and a NS agreed that she will need the ICP probe placed and monitored. When this surgery and monitoring will occur? I am still waiting to hear. Hopefully Monday we will get some more news.

Today was Keegans last day of school! Hurray!

The other 3 are at the lake with my parents so we have been doing some bonding. Next Saturday we pack up and head to Texas to see my cousins. There is 12 of us going...It should be a good time!

When we get home, Riley and Keegan will be going to a kindergarten readiness class for a month. We also have then signed up to take golf lessions. That should be a hoot.

Well, That's about all that is going on around here. I will post when I head more from the doctors.


Michelle said...

My email is cranky, and won't let me mail out to you. ANYWAY! I'd love to get out some night!!

Today was Braden's last day of school, too! We'll have to get together to play sometime. I can't BELIEVE you are traveling with the whole brood to Texas!!! TOO FUN!

Golf lessons sound dangerous!

BoufMom9 said...

OK, don't kill me, but I just tagged you on my blog. (LOL) I actually thought it was one you might enjoy doing. I really liked it.

Glad you are out of school now! YEAH! I love spending the summer time with my kids too!
:) Debi

tish said...

What do you mean by "a probe"?

Just a test? Or something she has to go home with?