Pulling up my big girl undies

Sorry I haven't had much time to blog lately, but I have been somewhat out of commission.

So you know the results from our Chicago trip.
Monday, I had surgery to repair my trigger finger on my right hand.

Wed. I was at the bead store, I missed a step fell on my surgically repaired finger, and rolled my ankle.

Wed. night when I was in Milwaukee I could night stand the pain, I couldn't not walk, so I walked into the urgent care. Sure shit, the rolling of my ankle ended up being being a hairline fracture in a small bone in my foot. So now I am in a air cast, and a wrap on the 5 stitches in my palm.
Ok, So this blog is not about me.......

So, the Dr. Jensen appointment......
Cooper will need to have another CT, he does think something is going on with the shape e of his skull, but nothing that will hurt him right now. So, he will be put on the back burner until we get Carson figured out.

Carson....I should hear something tomorrow or early next week about getting an appointment with the NS to chat about the ICP - probe. It is a fact that her head is no longer growing faster than her brain. Her brain is trying to push out at the top front of her skull, and out the back.
IF she does have elevated ICP, she will need a skull reconstruction revision. If not, then we will go back to Dr. Frim and assume it's the chiari.
So, no great news.... Hopefully we will get an appointment with the NS next week.

Also, I am going to be very brief about it, but we will no long be having the benefit for our family.


Michelle said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! Can I just say, Stay home & stay safe!

I hope you're feeling better (as well as you can!)

Jean said...

My walking boot is for my left leg. Is that the leg you need it for? Otherwise you may be able to take out this insert that has a very soft insert/sole and you can try it. I loved my walking boot better than my aircast.

If you want to borrow it, just let me know.

BoufMom9 said...

OH Cindy! You need a serious break! (and not in the hairline fracture sort of way!)
I am very sorry about the benefit dinner...
Please know I am thinking of you all & always keeping you im my prayers.
:) Debi

Becky said...

Holy cow.. how did you end up with such bad luck? Hope your foot and your hand heal quickly.

Thinking about you and all the kiddies... looking forward to seeing you all in July.. if you are still coming out East?

my4kids said...

It's okay for the blog to be about you sometimes. You are having a hard time lately aren't you??
I'm so sorry about how things are going right now...