If it's not one head, it's another

Today, I noticed for the first time that Cooper's head is sinking in (or just flatting out) on both sides of his head. Let me tell you, It is making me effing nervous! I have NEVER noticed it before. Now all of a sudden 2 flat spots; one on each side of his head. Good friggin gravy!

Thank goodness we are headed to Chicago on Wednesday /Thursday is the appointment. Then on the 15th we will be headed down to Children's to see Dr. Jensen - our cranial facial doc.

These next 2 weeks are going to be very nerve wracking for us. Thursday we will find out if:

* Keegan will need surgery or not.

* Carson will need surgery or not.

* Cooper has chiari or not.

Then next Monday (the 12th) I will have surgery on my wigged out finger.

Wednesday(the 15th) we will find out how Carson and Cooper's skull are healing from the cranio surgery ( just about 2 yrs ago.).

If I can make it through these next 2 weeks, I should be free for a little while.

I guess the worst thing that could possibly happen is;

-Both Keegan and Cars both need surgery,

-Coop has chiari

- then Cars and Coop would need a skull repair to help heal their skulls.

Now that's not all bad, RIGHT? I can only go UP from there, RIGHT?
Cough, Cough, Choke, Choke, EEKKK!!!

Oh, and the good news is??? I get to see my pregnant friend Molly on this trip to Chicago!!! WAHOO!!!!

Can you tell I am a bit STRESSED?!

Also, would you please say a little prayer for my friend Amanda who had major surgery last week. She is not doing very well and is back in the hospital. Thank you.


Michelle said...

Yeah, that's not TOO many doctor appointments.


And I hope Amanda's feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey, You--

Just thought I'd check in; thanks for leaving the trail from CaringBridge to here.

Is it too trite to say that some day you'll look back on this and laugh? Okay, maybe cry when you have the time to take a breath.

Our prayers, blessings and many many smiles to you!

Martha Pings (and kids)