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Ok, no small talk I'll get right to the update.

Riley~ Wonderful, awesome, fantastic!!! Couldn't have asked for a better check up! She is thriving and doing well - physically.

Keegan ~ Has Chiari. We will wait and see how things go for awhile. No need for surgery yet.

Cooper~ NO CHIARI!!! He will be my contact sport child!


Little Miss Carson ~ She has Chiari, but.... she also has a lot more going on. I am almost afriad to start talking about it all. I think for tonight, I will let things sink in before I try to type it out. It 's not good news, and I am afriad we may be in for a long haul with her.
I hate to leave you hanging, but it think it is for the best.

I did speak with our CF surgeon at Children's tonight, and it sounds like they will do some testing before a path is decided on. I will post more soon. I promise.

Oh, and Tuesday night, the manager from the RMDH called to see if I would be interested in talking with a reporter from the Chicago Tribune on Wed. I agreed. So, last night I met with the reporter who is doing a story on families who stay at the RMDH and see Dr. Frim.
The story should be in this Sundays Chicago Tribune paper. It should be fun to read. I can't wait to see it!

So, We've had some great news....Cooper and Riley, Good news with Keegan, and some not so good news with Carson.

I am just trying to process everything and pass on the news to Matt.

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.

ALSO, This is to whoever dropped off the Tumbleweed gift card tonight.



Michelle said...

I'm so glad you got good news for Riley & Cooper!

And I hope you feel you have a good plan & medical team for Keegan & Carson.

Let me know if you need anything. Or give me a call if you want to talk!

Jean said...

I've been waiting anxiously for an update. I'm so glad Miss Riley is doing so well and Cooper does not have Chiari.
You have such great doctors for Keegan and Carson. I hope they can give you a plan of action that makes you at ease.

Take care!

Angela said...

So, it's the good news, bad news thing. Hang in there Cindy!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I guess i should have been more specific in my prayers, maybe I forgot to say all of them great news. oh cindy. what can I do? We are thinking of you constantly !
Jen VW

Anonymous said...

Cin ~ I'm so sorry to hear that Carson is on uneven ground right. But I was so estastic to hear that Riley got a good report and Cooper doesn't have the dreaded chiari!

Please let us know a link to the Chicago Tribune article!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for some good news!! Let us know if you need anything please!