Today has been a really long day.

It started out by taking Riley to school and leaving her there by H.E.R.S.E.L.F!!! Yeah! There's only like 3 weeks left. So, if she's feeling up to it and school is willing, why not?

While she was at school, my mom and I rumbled through Target and hit a few rummage sales along the way.

At 12:30p, Keegan teacher calls me from school to let me know that there is an issue with Keegan. After lunch he became very fatigued. He could not hold his head up, his eyes had a hard time staying open and she asked what she should do. A few minutes later I went to get him. He was just about in tears....... I'm thinking it's another ugly symptom of our friend chiari. DANG IT!

At 2:50 I had my 2nd appointment with the hand surgeon to see what he could do about my sever trigger finger. It's the middle finger on my right hand and it hurts like nobodies business.
In December I made my first trip to see him and he game me a cortisone injection (in front of my 4 kids might I add. He kept telling me," you have to be tough, you have an audience". Man it hurt like a mother! The meds worked for about a week or so and then nothing. It went back to being a pain in my hinney. In between Dec. and today I have been a little busy. There was no room for me time. So, when I saw the doc today he says,"ah, your finger looks terrible. We need to fix this. I would recommend surgery, NOW. Oh, and by the way - why did you wait so long to come back in?" I about died laughing. So I told him WHY I haven't been in to see him.

He did tell me that he would be able to fix the "locking" issue with my finger, but he feels that the 15 degree arch it has maybe be permanent. He is suggesting intense therapy after surgery to see if we can get the finger to go back straight. Lovely. Like I have time to piddle around with my MINOR surgeries when I have bigger and more serious fish frying!

Dinner time rolls around and we are having pizza. Carson decides to feed the puppy, Riley dumps her milk, Cooper is refusing to eat, and Keegan is being typical Keegan.

After today, I just about threw in the white flag!!!

I am so hoping that one of these days a camera is going to pop out from behind my chair and tell me I'VE BEEN PUNKED!


Michelle said...

Yikes - I hope Keegan's feeling better now.

Um, so did your doctor understand why you've been so busy!?! Funny! I bet he rarely gets an excuse that good!

Aren't you going to see the Chiari specialist again soon?!

Hope you're hanging in there - let me know if you can ever sneak out!

tish said...

Cindy --
In spite of the discouraging content, you wrote a really, really good post! You have a knack for writing these things so well and connecting so well with your readers. I know I've told you that before, but sometimes you need to hear it again and realize that you have so much talent inside of you.

Of course, Tom has said many times that you are his hero. You have really risen to the challenges placed in front of you. We applaud you for all you (and Matt)do and how well you cope and keep on going. The evidence of you success at this is clearly visible in the four beautiful, personable and well-adjusted kids you're raising!

BoufMom9 said...

A big old GRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Anonymous said...

Cindy, I had the surgery for trigger finger, and I'm sooooo glad that I did. They did two fingers in the office and i was awak for it, it was quick. I'm looking at the other hand yet too.
Jeni B