I think we've made it

FEEWWW- it was a long week last week and I am so glad it is over! Finally OVER!

It started off last week with Keegan, who decided it would be fun to get the stomach flu on Saturday. Thank goodness it only last 24 hours. Then Carson got it on Sun night/ Monday morning, with me following Monday morning. Then, I started to get nervous because we had a big trip to Indiana planned and Carson had her appointment with Dr. Havlik at Riley children's on Wed.

I ended up cancelling her appointment in Indy, and was hoping by Wed morning that we'd all be back witht he living.

Not so much.

Cooper came down with it in the middle of the night on Tuesday, but we still decided to make the trip to Matt's family in Ft. Wayne on Wed. All was good in the car and had no major incidents.

We arrived at my MIL's on Wednesday afternoon, checked into the hotel, and PRAYED TO GOD no one else (Riley or Matt) was going to be sick.

We made it through Thursday, and thank heavens we even made it through trick or treating Thursday night. But that was the end. Riley got it at 10pm Thursday night - and Matt got it Saturday morning. AAKK!


Even though we had some bouts with upset tummies, we had a great time in Indiana - as always.

Here's to hoping we didn't leave any flu bugs behind for anyone else!!!

Up coming agenda:

* Riley and Carson have an appointment with Dr Frim in Chicago on Nov 13th. My mom and I will be taking the girls. Riley is scheduled for a MRI and a lumbar puncture, and Carson will just be looked at. Still trying to figure out the rocking.

* Carson and Cooper's 3rd birthday on Nov. 15th! THREE - already??


Lost A Sock said...

Everyone looks great in their costumes! Seriously, the Backyardigans are too cool. Where did you find those??

We missed you this weekend, and so wish we could have gotten together under different non-fluish circumstances. Let's plan something for soon, ok?

Becky said...

holy cow.. glad to hear you survived yet another seriously crazy week... UGH..

Love the pictures of all the kiddies! Riley is so darn cute as a cheerleader! ha ha Is the W for West??? I had to go back and look again... but I realized it was not our school colors.. still darn cute!