Bugs, bugs and more bugs

Let me tell you, I think I have gotten my moneys worth out of my washing machine! It seriously has been running NON STOP for almost 3 weeks now. And I am talking DAWN TO DUSK!

After our eventful scare with scabies - which turned out NOT to be scabies, Saturday Keegan came down with the 24 hour stomach bug. Vomiting, diarrhea and all. Monday, at 2:30 am, Carson came down with it, and then me on Monday at 9am. Thank goodness for my mom. I didn't move off the couch the entire day, and when Matt got home I turned everything over to him and I called it a day!!! Tuesday morning I was a total different person then the 24 hours prior.
I am keeping my fingers crossed that Cooper, Riley, and Matt don't catch it!

So, that's what's been up with us!!

How about you?


Angela said...

Does this mean your trip is off???

Kristen said...

Ewww, that's the worst kind of sickness too. (((HUGS)))

Teapot said...

I hate laundry! I know how you feel!