Catching up

I know I have a bit of catching up to do, so here it goes.

1. We have no real answers to Carson's MRI yet. We saw Dr. K - our NS, and he said "no chiari", but he also said that before surgery...... so I don't feel we got any real answers there.
We will be seeing Dr. Frim in Chicago on Nov. 13th.......
Hang on and I'll update on that again in a moment.

2. Still no pennies. I took Keegan in to the doctors office on Monday to have him scanned with a metal detector, but not sure how well that worked. The nurse scanned it over his belly and it did not beep. She scanned it over his crocs and it did beep, but them when she scanned it over something other metal it did not beep..... anyhow, Keegan HEARD " no pennies in there" and that's all he needed to calm down. As for me, as long as he doesn't get sick I guess it's ok too. No more penny diggin'!

3. I got a JOB! Ok, not ones that pays, but it pays in "good feelings". I am now the sponsorship coordinator for a Craniosynostosis and Plagiocephaly support board (CAPPS). My job is to match up mentors with families awaiting their child's surgery. I love it! It's a great way for me to give back. After all, my mentor and I met for the first time in August! I can not wait to meet up with her again!

4. Back to the MRI. On our CAPPS board, once a month they try to get either a NS or CFS to come and chat with the group on line. This past month it was Dr. Schmelzer, a CFS in Utah. He was great. Very helpful to a lot of moms, me included. I asked a few questions about Carson and he became involved with us.
Long story short, we are for a 3rd opinion with Carson.
Dr. S believes that there is more to our puzzle, and was shocked that she already had 2 surgeries. HE contacted another team at Riley Children's hospital in Indianapolis, and we should be hearing if we can get an appointment at the end of Oct. Thank you Dr. S!

OK, So I think I've got everything caught up......
Let me know if I missed something.

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Michelle said...

I think you will be an awesome mentor for other families! What a great job for you!

Um - no pennies? Yikes! Do they think they passed & just got missed? That can NOT be a fun job.