Round and round we go, where we will stop, nobody knows

I must say it's been a whirlwind of a day.

Talked to a friend just this morning about getting a steamer to get rid of this bug once and for all. I would be able to steam the floors, beds, carpets....just about everything. Something has got to do the trick.

Around noon today, I called the peds office to see if I could get Carson and Cooper checked out. I was able to get in today at 1pm.

So, we get to the doctors, Carson lifts up her shirt, and the doc says, "Ya know, I don't think it is scabies. I think it is something called ~ unilateral lateral thoracic exanthem." It's a virus rash.

Now, I can't even link it because I can't seem to find it. She said it's called that because it does not cross the mid section of the body and just stays on the belly/rib /arm section.

So, now I am totally baffled, I don't know what to believe. After ALL THE WASHING AND CLEANING I HAVE BEEN DOING, stressing about damn bugs.......


This would only happen to me.

Have I been PUNKED?

Anyone have any experience with this? Or ever heard of it???


Angela said...

Curiously, Adelyn has some pin head sized itchy circles all over her mid section too. Aiden had a wicked outbreak of hives this past weekend and the Ask a Nurse was telling us about a virus in the area that causes an itchy rash. I know Aiden didn't have it because it didn't appy to him, but it sure seems like Adelyn could.

Anonymous said...

i can't really tell what the rash looks like on the pic...but Anna last year had something called Malescumum contagioso (sooo not spelled right?!?!) anyway...it was red bumps, sometimes they opened like pimples...but it spread like wild fire! hers was mostly on one side...but it was some on both, and arms/legs too!! I know that is a pretty common viral rash!! Anna's didn't go away for almost 18 months!! you can have them burnt off...or just let it go away on its own! and since Anna REFUSED option 1...we waited :) check that out while researching as well!?!?!

JuliAnn said...

I doubt this will help much, but maybe... Rashes, from a medical perspective, are the most difficult symptom for us to explain. So many different things make our skin break out. It is not uncommon when we get patients with rashes of some magnitude for our docs and mid levels to stand over a giant "rash" book trying to compare pictures to what they saw. The biggest problem is that rashes frequently are the only symptom, if it came with a fever or some other symptoms, we can make arguements for certain causes... so even if it is of little comfort, I don't think your doctor was too off base to start with scabies... how upset would you be if it were the other way around? They treated her like it was a viral thing that would go away on its own, and in a few days, you all had scabies?

I hope this helps a little, hang in there!

Becky said...

Surprise... for the last three years your life has been secretly taped by Ashton Kutcher for the ultimate Punked show. Next week every thing will return to normal.

If only it could be that easy huh.

Thinking of you.. hoping that darn rash goes away quickly and life returns to normal... or maybe even better than normal??

Jeni said...

Cindy, did you find a steamer? We have been fighting strep here, I'm on round 4. I'm looking for a good one, and not sure where to look. Jeni

BoufMom9 said...

OMgosh! Seriouly Cindy, you are right! ONLY YOU! Sheesh!

ps I need you to email me your address so that I can put something on my fundraiser blog about the hats.

The Ferrell's said...

hi you dont know me but I just googled this rash because my 18 month old daughter was just diagnosed with it today after 6 doctors!! I would like to talk to you more about it. Will you please email me? kdferrell27@msn.com
I googled it and your picture came up. My daughter rash looks alot worse and the doc said that it will cover her body before it fades. Email me and I will email you pics of what my daughters looks like. Maybe I am at a later stage of it then you are and I may be able to help you out or maybe you could help me out with it. thanks!!