Cooper's vote

Cooper's pulling for "BROCK OBAMA"!

As I went to vote this morning with the 2 little ones, Cooper told the wonderful ladies at our ward table that he was voting for "BROCK OBAMA".

The little old ladies looked at each other and said nicely to him" Oh honey, you are to young to vote". My child INSTANTLY bawled . As I consoled him, he turned to the ladies and said, "I help mommy vote for "BROCK OBAMA".

And so we did.


Anonymous said...

Good job Cooper! Anna voted at school today...also for "Brock Obama"...she said because McCain was a grumpy old man who only helped the rich people!!!!!! (her friend Hailey told her that! and I just about peed my pants laughing!)

Brandi said...

Glad you voted. While I voted for McCain (due to Obama's stance on partial birth abortion)I am still glad that you got out there and let your and your sons voice be heard.