Chicago - take 2

Today was a really long day! Riley was a champ and came through with flying colors. Her appointment with Frim went well, too! We talked about her headaches and agreed to watch it for a few more weeks before we decide if she needs stronger meds.

Carson on the other hand, appointment wasn't so well. She indeed has psuedotumor (from te ICP monitor report and will have her lumbar puncture /spinal tomorrow - SURPRISE. I had no idea. So, we are here another night. AAKK! I was so hoping to be home to get ready for the birthday party on Saturday.

So, Carson will be poked, they will lower her pressure to half, and then set her free.
Today, Riley's pressure was at 12 and was lowered to 6. She is doing really well.

We will watch Carson for 3 - 5 days and see how she does with lower pressure. If she does well with lower pressure, we will talk about putting her on mes for awhile then a possible drain trial. It could be a long couple of weeks...never mind the driving back and forth. UGH!

Please keep Carson in your prayers tomorrow at 9am.



Kristen said...

That's good Riley's pressure was normal! I hope you're pleasantly surprised with normal pressure from Carson tomorrow too! (((HUGS)))

Lost A Sock said...

Oh yikes. Hang in there. Give me a call when you're done.