The begining of the end


As many of you followed my quest to loose weight last year, I am sad to say I am here AGAIN!

Somehow (yea, like I don't know), after 1 - brain surgery, 1 - "probe sticking out of head" surgery, and a second total skull reconstruction, I have managed to put more then 3/4Th of the weight BACK ON! What is it with me and Hospitals!!!

I am actually on a quest to get children's hospital to have a fitness center for parents who's children are admitted. Anyhow, that's a different issue....

So today, I am back at it again. We joined the YMCA, and today, my mom and I are starting a 12 week personal fitness program where we have to be there no less then 3 days a week!! They have daycare too! That's a bonus right there!

If I can just keep my darling children OUT of the hospital, I should do OK!

For support, I maybe posting here once a week. I am hoping it will keep me on track. If I can't be honest with my computer screen, how can I be honest with myself?!?


Anonymous said...

I'm with ya Cindy!!!!! I would like to lose weight by early spring (for reasons that i won't put on your blog :) and I'd like to be 1/2 way or at least 1/4 of the way there by Christmas...we're going to NYC and I WON'T go there fat!
So I'm here for you if you need support!!
Good Job,

Lost A Sock said...

Yeahhhh! Glad to hear you'll be joining me! Long road ahead, but we'll get there little by little. :o)

Doing it without the meds this time, I bet will help it stay off once you lose it all. My losses were slow, but so were my gains (until I got pregnant, ahem, hahaha).

Becky said...

Yeah I am proud of you and jumping on the bandwagon with you and Molly! Hears to a healthier and happier new year!

Kristen said...

I'm right there with ya too!! A workout center in Children's Hospitals would be wonderful for the parents!!!!

Anyway, TAG you're it! Come over to my blog and play along.

Anonymous said...

I'm in the PFP program at the Neenah YMCA. I'm scared of the phone calls so I actually work out - and let me tell you - once you get going the elipitcal will be your best friend:)

Anonymous said...

Cin ~ hello! I'm there too! The photos your mom sent were a real wake up call for me. I've always been able to avoid the camera previously. :0)
I joined WW about a month ago, and have been doing kickboxing 5 days a week at 5:00am as well as exercising one day/weekend in a different form. :) We can do this! Kaci