Weigh in Wednesday & Picture

Good Wednesday Morning!

I have to say my first 3/4 of a week has gone great. I love having my time at the YMCA working out and I think it's what the doctor ordered - plus, I am away from the kiddos for a bit!

I am really 2 days shy of a week because I started my workouts and diet last Friday, but because we will be in Chicago Wednesday, Thursday, and possibly Friday, I thought today would be a good day to check in.

I am really surprised how well my body just started back up again. It's like I never took a break from working out. I have even accomplished something I have never done before - I am up to 30 minutes on the eliptical - YAHOO!! My goal is to make it to 45 minutes and then up the intensity. But for right now, I am happy with 30 minutes on the weight loss interval program!
I am also riding the bike and walking on the tread mill.

My mom has been going as well. We try to make it at least twice a week together. She's doing GREAT!

So, for today weigh in......

Weight loss: 5 lbs (5 days)

I will weigh again on Friday just to see where I would be for a full week.

I am a bit nervous being away from a fitness center for 2 days, but maybe I can walk laps around the hospital while Riley is in the MRI.

Check in on Friday for a full weeks report.

We also have big news! Check this out!


JuliAnn said...

So good to hear you take some time for yourself, its hard to do that when so much is going on! Kuddos!

Now I have a selfish request... I had my big anatomy ultrasound yesterday, and it hit me that my kids are about to double... since you are the only twin mom I know that has had another set, I need some advice. Give me whatever you've got!!! :) When you get a chance, of course!

Take care! Way to go Riley!

Anonymous said...

Way to go 5 lbs in 5 days! I'm envious! its taken me a month to lose 7. I'm glad for you that it comes off so quickly. I'm celebrating though no longer being on insulin drugs - shots 2x/day, and about 8 pills per day! When you get a chance (not like you don't have anything going on)- I'd love to swap meal/snack ideas. I'm getting bored eating the same thing. K

Anonymous said...

yeah Riley!!! Anna is going to be so jealous :) she's been trying hard to wiggle those teeth...but nothing yet!!!

Did the tooth fairy come???