Up and running

Riley's godmother , Betsy, is in her 20's and has a new store up on the web. She has been designing and making really cool t-shirts.

Please go and check them out!

I think at one point she even mentioned making and selling t-shirts to support chiari! How cool is that?!?

Way to go Bets -looks fantastic!


Betsy said...

Thanks Cindy!

I am actually working on the Chiari t-shirts right now...just waiting for my screen to dry and do some printing! I will send you a picture as soon as I'm done! They will be pretty cool, so for all of you reading this, it's almost time to bust out your checkbooks!!!!

BoufMom9 said...

How wonderful!
Amazing all the places God is showing up in your life these days. He is listening. :)

Anonymous said...

OMG, your blog just played the Rainbow Connection!! I love that song! It is the only song I memorized and can still play on the piano :)

We want Chiari t-shirts when they become available!!