Happy 34th Birthday to me

Last weekend we celebrated my birthday with everyone else at the lake. So today, I don't expect much to happen.

Also - the PATIO FURNITURE FAIRIES answered my wish. The fairies answered with a 12 piece patio set!! Holy Smokes!!!! THANK YOU,THANK YOU, THANK YOU Birthday wish fairies!!!!!! Now, can you do something with the size of our deck?? ( just kidding!!!)

Thank you mom and dad for all that you have done for me the last 31 years!! It has sure been a wild ride! Love you!


Anonymous said...

happy birthday, I hope it is a very quiet day at the Cole household. Enjoy yourself you deserve it!!

Talk to you soon

tish said...

Happy Birthday, Cindy!

I remember the first time Rags and I met you -- that very first day. You were so sweet and beautiful and are certainly still that sweet and beautiful person today. Enjoy your day!

Denise said...

Happy , happy birthday babe!
Oh and can i just say without being a freak that your husband is very handsome!

BoufMom9 said...

YEAH! Glad you got BOTH of your wishes! If anyone deserves it...

my4kids said...

Happy Birthday a little belated, sorry I'm so far behind lately to much going on here.
I so want a patio set like that!