1 week from today

A week from today...........IS MY BIRTHDAY!

I love birthdays!

This year, I have 2 hefty items that I would like. It's been a tough few months (and many more to come), I've done a lot of "giving" of myself , and I think I deserve something NICE.AND.BIG!!!

Here is my wish list ~

1. The Graco Quattro Tour™ Duo Stroller


The double stroller that I have now is on it's last legs. It's the same one I had when Riley and Keegan were born. It's 5 yrs old, been used a MILLION and ONE times, You can hear us coming a mile away, it's been left out in the rain, ran over by a car, we've had to get replacement pieces, I can't tell you how many soaking diapers have leaked onto the seats, how many times it's been barfed in.........you get the picture. We'll actually, to help you along....it looks A LOT like this...

Carson and Cooper are only 2. I am sure I am going to need a good dbl stroller for another good 8 years!

Next on my list ~

2. I need new patio furniture.

Our poor last set just took a long ride in the garbage truck!

So, between the 2, which would you want?

Does anyone have this "BMW" stroller? If so, give a shout! I would love to hear how wonderful it really is!


Anonymous said...


I don't own that stroller, but I trust the reviews on BabiesRUs and epinions. That stroller seems to be getting decent reviews. Considering I'm not in need of the stroller, I'd definitely go with the patio furniture. As a matter of fact, I could also some.

Love the music on your site! Nice variety!!!

Gudlaug said...

just a quick comment to tell you I drop by your blog ever so often and think about you guys a lot.
Hope the wheels start moving in the right direction for you soon, maybe a good stroller would help?
But I say if you are going walking with a stroller this summer, you must also need patio furniture to rest afterwards, no?
:) from your friends in Iceland,

Kristen said...

I'd go with the patio furniture. We didn't use our strollers much after the age of 3-4.

Denise said...

Patio furniture for sure babe. I don't have that sroller. I wont pay more then 120 for a double stroller. I am cheap like that.

BoufMom9 said...

I don't have that stroller either. I just have a very cheap Jeep umbrella and BOY do I want a new one too!
Hope you get everything you want. You are right, you are most deserving.

LeeAnn said...

Did you get the stroller or the patio furniture?
Sorry for all the blows you and your family have taken recently..you are constantly in our prayers.

LeeAnn H.