The Lone Ranger

I am so excited.
I KNOW I am not a expert at reading MRI's, and I normally discuss with my few chiari girlfriends, but I DO believe I may have a LONE RANGER!

I do NOT believe that Cooper has chiari malformation! YAHOO!!!
Wouldn't that just be the best news ever!!!

Here is Coop's from this morning:

Here is Keegan's: We already know he has Chiari.

If you are looking to compare, check out the base of the cerebellum (base of the skull.)

Just for reference, you can see Keegan's cerebellum crowds the spinal cord and comes to a point by his vertebrae. Cooper's (first picture) on the other hand does not crowd or point.

I know, medically, that wasn't a very good description, but it gives you a general idea of the area we are talking about.

* Note: Just watch, I'll get the results from the radiologist and it will say HE DOES have chiari. It would be JUST MY LUCK!

Check back tonight. I will post another entry from our play date yesterday with my girlfriend Amanda and her 5 yr old, and her 2 yr old triplets! It was a HOOT!


Amanda said...

Yeah Coop! praise God!

Michelle said...

Hooray for Cooper! And really - it's about time you got a lucky break!!!

lace1070 said...

Yeah ~ what fantastic news! I have been following your blog and get google updates when someone posts about Chiari. I was diagnosed with Chiari in September 2006 ~ life has been a bumpy crazy ride ever since. You can check out my journey on my blog if you are curious ~ http://livelovelaugh-lace1013.blogspot.com/

Hugs~ Lacie

BoufMom9 said...

I think you are reading that correctly! YEAH Cooper!!!!
xoxo Debi
ps Are you still planning on coming through NJ?

Kristen said...

Fantastic news!!!!!!!!!!