Add another one to the list

I received info this morning from Dr. Frim on Carson and Cooper's MRI's.

Please add CARSON to your list of prayers. She too has Chiari Malformation.

As for Cooper, he has tonsils to the foramen magnum but not through it. So, we will add him to the watch list.

Seriously, things have got to stop at some point, right?!!!


Michelle said...

oh man - that is just not the news I was hoping to hear. I can't even imagine what you're going through, trying to process all this.

I'm glad you have a specialist you like & trust.

Oh shit. I really thought it would stop!

Jean said...

You should play the lottery... maybe you'll win millions and that will take care of some things.

I'm sorry to hear about Carson. Lets pray that Cooper is the minority in the group.

Anonymous said...

Take 5 min. at a time... or 30 seconds if necessary....

I think Jean had a great idea!

All our love, Kaci