Extreme Home makeover

On April 6th, EHM will be airing the show on chiari malformation again for you that want to see it, or haven't seen it. It is very interesting!

Also, thanks to all of you who voted for our hospital - CHW. It paid off! They will be receiving a second fun center!

DEAL or NO DEAL came to town, well, actually Green bay, and yes, I was one of the crazies who stood in line for 8 hours to get my 20 seconds of fame! It was fun! I went with a co worker of Matt's and we had a blast! They didn't pick us, which was very sad, but hey - it was a day without kids, and adult company! What more could I ask for!!

No word on team B's MRI's yet. Hopefully tomorrow or Monday. I will post as soon as I know.


Michelle said...

You are crazy for standing in line all that time! Doesn't two sets of twins guarantee you a spot on the show?! (and actually - I'm jealous - did you have all that time kid-free?)

Anonymous said...

OH....I'm so jealous, I really wanted to go stand in line as well....but Anna was sick and I couldn't go!!!! Glad it was fun!

Anonymous said...

I just flipped on the EHM, and I have seen it in the past, but never put the connection together. Thanks for the heads up. Ohh sorry that's bad. Thanks for the info.

Jeni B