Tag, you're it!

Trying to catch up on my blog! A few days ago I was tagged by annabanana to share 7 facts about myself.

So, here goes nothin'.....

The Easy Rules:

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7 Random Facts:

1) As a mom of 2 sets of twins, I really kind of dig it, but would NOT suggest it!

2) Deep down, I hate that my kids have to get up and go to school - well, half of them anyways. I loved the times we had when we stayed in our jammies and played all day.

3) I really wish I got to experience natural birth with 1 child.

4) I HATE driving my mini van, and TOTALLY love to drive the suburban!

5) I wish we could move around the US more. A year here, a year there.....

6) I LOVE CHANGE! (I would rearrange my house every single day if my husband would allow it. He hates it!)

7) I would love to adopt another dog - again, if my husband would alllow it.

Ok, so thanks to the help of Nablopomo randomizer, here are the next people I tag.

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Have Fun!!!


kitty said...

Hi there
thanks for the tag. I've been tagged by someone else for the same meme, so I'll cite you both very soon.

Not sure I can come up with seven things (I've already listed at least 15 things so far) but I will come close.

look forward to browsing your blog!

cheers, k

my4kids said...

I can relate to a few of yours. I had one "natural" birth although it was really anything but to be honest.
I have 4 (not twins) close in age. I love it but like you said I would not recomend it necessarily. Unless you have a lot of patience!