Onto little miss Riley.......
Riley's appointment was sort of smooched in with Carson, and Cooper's, because "B" is also known for his research and work with Chiari. After talking with the team about C & C, we discussed what would need to be done for Riley. First and foremost, she needs to have a full spine MRI done. A syrinx and a tethered cord needs to be rule out.
This will be an intense MRI for Riley. So intense, that she needs to have a pre MRI physical before the scan. The scan will be done under general anesthesia and possibly done in the OR. I have been told it could take anywhere from 4 - 5 hours from start to finish. OMG!!!!
Then, both of our NS's will receive the MRI, and we will get 2 opinions right off the bat. 1 from Milwaukee, and 1 from Madison.
When we spoke with "B"'s nurse today, we talked about Riley's symptoms and how they could go either way. Is it "fluke" that she is having these symptoms? Or is it because of the Chiari.

We talked a bit about what if these are "true" symptoms - then what? Then, she could be a candidate for surgery. But all will be told once we get the results from the scan.
Riley's MRI will be done on Dec 21st and then will see the NS on Dec. 26Th - yeah, merry stinkin' "day after" Christmas!

A few people have asked what's on my Christmas list this year. I don't per say have a list, but more of a wish list.

My Christmas wish this year is to have happy healthy children for 2008. No more Doctor visits, no more CT's or MRI scans, no surgeries, none of it. The kids, Matt, and myself need a year to re coop from the last 2 years. ......I just want ONE YEAR - but I am so sad to say it's a wish I know deep down in my heart that won't come true.

What's on your Christmas wish list this year?


Jean said...

Poor Riley. Poor Mom and Dad. Its an awful thing to experience AND its the holidays. If you need anything, me to watch the other kids, let me know... I'd love to help.

My first thought or prayer each night as I go to bed is, "God, please watch over my children and keep them from harm." I will say the same prayer for yours too.

Michelle said...

I'm glad to hear that it's pretty cut & dried - At least it sounds that way? I mean, if it shows up on the MRI, then you'll know. If it doesn't, then you don't have to worry about it (right now).

I bet the doctor was a little overwhelmed by your family! Funny!

my4kids said...

That is such a hard thing, I'm sorry. At least hopefully they will figure things out and you have 2 doctors to look at the results.
Izzak had to have an mri last week. His symptoms nothing like hers but still......
Honestly I wan't an unevently 2008. Same type of thing. I just would like to have nothing happen just a regular old year where the kids are doing well health and mental whise. We haven't had one of those ever but it would be nice. Wouldn't it?