13 - 3

My mom and I went to the Packer game today. It was a whopping 18 degrees at kick off.
My parents have season tickets, and today, we left the boys at home with the children.

Our tickets are on the 45 yard line, 40 rows up. Behind the Packer's bench.
# 77 Cullin Jenkins

# 94 KGB

# 50 A.J. Hawk

Our Hero ~ # 4 Brett Favre

The Boys

Deana and Britney Favre

Score: Packers - 34
Lions - 13


Michelle said...

You wild woman, out there in that weather! Looks like fun, though!

See you soon!

nailgirl said...

Ugggh 18 degrees!

Jean said...

Awesome pictures!

my4kids said...

You got some great pictures!
Love your pic! hehe