Puzzle Pieces

A few weeks ago I had posted that Carson is going to be seeing an orthopedic specialist at Children's because our physical therapist thought she has a leg length difference. Meanwhile, We went to our pediatrician and yes, she does. Her left leg is shorter than her right. So, we will see the orthopedic doc Jan 2nd.

When Riley was Carson age, once again, our same physical therapist found a leg length difference in Riley. Her left is shorter than her right. She wore a lift in one shoe, and an orthotic on the other.

As for me, I have been having some sever neck and shoulder pain for the last few weeks. I even went as far as wearing an electrode machine for a couple of days, and nothing happened I got no relief. So, finally our Chiropractor said, "let's take some neck, spine, and hip pictures to make sure nothing is wrong. We took the x-rays, and guess what we found??? For the first time in my life, I was diagnosed with my left leg shorter than my right, by 1 1/2 inches!!! And, it has caused some mild scoliosis - which is the cause of my pain.

Finally, some puzzle pieces are fitting together. The girls got the leg length issue from me!!!


Michelle said...

Here I am, reading your blog & I get a comment from you!

So ... I guess you're a little off-kilter? Haha ... can they at least help you, so the pain goes away?

Michelle said...

YES - I could definitely use a night out. And maybe some of your valium. HAHA!

my4kids said...

At least you have some answers about the pain you have been having as well. How weird to find that you have the leg size difference like the girls.