Keegan had his appointment with Dr. I yesterday to discus his chiari treatment plan. Let's just say I was frustrated beyond belief. Trying to feel more at ease today. I am not very excited about Keegan's chiari treatment plan to say the least. Neurology ordered the MRI that they wanted, not the one that NSG needed, now we have to go back for another MRI - yeah at $13,000 a pop. We did testing with neurology for metobolic myopathy, and it all came back negative. After weeks, now they want to do more testing - for what NSG couldn't tell me. Plus they want to see how Carson does in a few months before they bring surgery back to the table for Keegan. What does Carson have to do with Keegan's treatment plan?

On the way home yesterday, Keegan asked," Why don't they help me like they helped Carson?"


Kath said...

Oh, poor Keegan, I just want to give him a big hug. And one to his mum too of course.

BoufMom9 said...

OMGOsh! That is the saddest sentiment from little Keegan.
So sorry to hear all of this!

Laurie Lanala said...

I was so very glad to see you on tuesday, I wanted so very badly to hug you and thank you for sending us to Dr. Benny but my daughter would not let me leave her side. Don't worry things will work out. Dr. Benny will put them in there place.