To the reader who left this comment:

"I have a child that has gone through a Chiari Decompression, fuse of c1 & c2, scoliosis correction and still has a remaining syrinx in the spinal cord. In reading what I could on the swine flu vaccine & GBS (, I don't know that his body could recover from more slowing of the cerebral fluid - which is what I read was a reallity with GBS(Guillain-Barre Syndrome). His syrinx is still there today (10/09)according to the presurgery MRI's before his scolliosis surgery in March 2008, and the original chiari correction was done in spring 2006. The chiari has significantly gone down but some sections on the spinal chord are still the same size. Anyway, my question / thought is that I shouldn't get the vaccine for him. I just don't know if his funky cfs flow due to the syrinx could handle any more sluggishness from a flu vaccine. Opinions would be appreciated. I am a new widow and trying to do this on my own. Thank you in advance".

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