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Do not take this path.....
....or you will find this
Got H1N1?
(Unofficially Dx by the nurse on the phone)

But not these 2!

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Becky said...

Oh lord... I feel for you... we had it in June... missed the last week of school. Good news is the Dr. said we are unlikely to get it again this year as we built up immunity... at least you are getting it over with... Hope you survive! (break out the popcicles!)

Erin said...

Ugh! We are also just waiting for it to hit our house. Hope they keep it to themselves and get better soon! I bet you are a great mommy-nurse!

Anonymous said...

oh no.....it just left our house!!!! Good luck....lysol will be your new best friend :) (actually oust spray is awesome!)
12 kids were out from Anna's class alone last week!!


Anonymous said...

Oh no! We just heard of 2 confirmed cases at school. I feel for you! And am hoping this is something we don't partake in with all of you. Kaci

Lost A Sock said...

I swear we didn't send it your way...

In spite of the fact we did end up with the h1n1, I am still glad we didn't get the vaccine (nor did we get seasonal flu vaccines, which always make us sick afterwards and never fully protect against the flu anyway.) I, too, tend to be leary about shooting things into my children that haven't really been tested enough for long term side-effects.

Thanks for the plug, also, friend. You're so kind. :)