My little friend, Mikayla

For you that have not have significant medical bills for your child, consider yourself LUCKY!!

Many of us have NOT been so lucky.

My little friend, Mikayla and her parents Mike and Liz are among the few that have not been so lucky. Mikayla has craniosynostosis (the same as Carson, Cooper, and Keegan) and had surgery not so long ago. Mike and Liz are self employed and they are paying out the rear for their insurance in the first place. I do believe Liz mentioned that they pay $1200 a month for their insurance!! That is crazy HIGH, but it's what they need to do so that they have some coverage for their family.

Liz mentioned that Mikayla's surgery bills have started to pour in and it is not a pretty sight. As of a few days ago, the medical bill amount was up to 156,000 and THEIR insurance has only paid 66,000 of it. That means the rest is up to Liz and Mike.

Liz has started a pay pal account for donations. Please, if you can spare $5.00 (or more) I know this wonderful family would be so grateful!

"Thank you all for the bottom of our hearts! The Harbord Family"

Today, Liz and her family did something for us (joined in on a chiari walk) and would LOVE to do something for her!


Becky said...

You are a good friend.. just wanted to make sure you knew that!

BTW.. I didn't realize that Keegan has craniosynostosis also... how did I miss that? He didn't have the surgery like the C&C did he?

Anonymous said...

You are a doll! Thank you..xoxo

Liz Harbord