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Thank you everyone for your comments. I am glad to hear that FB is not stealing the show!


Keegan: His MRI has been moved from Oct 14Th to Sept 30Th due to some different symptoms that have been occurring. I am hoping that Dr.I and Dr. I will share the scan and a decision will be made quickly to decide what to do. I hate to say it, but before we know it, it will be December and we will all be busy with Christmas. EEK! I will update the results after next Wednesday.

Riley: She has been complaining of "spine" pain. I am not to sure what to think about it so I decided to let the experts take her on. I took her to the pediatrician twice and neither had anything to say other than you better take her to Dr. I. While we were waiting to see Dr. I, I decided to contact my chiropractor buddy and to have him take a peek. I took her in and had our MRI in tow. We looked over her scan together and noticed something funny. She had a pretty big c curve on her spine. He asked if it would be OK if he took some x rays of Riley to see if we could see that same c curve on x ray - we did, but it was not as bad. He did notice something else though. Riley has a 1 cm leg length difference. He put a lift in her shoe and sent us on our way. Hopefully this will help straighten out her spine and prevent any further curvature.
We had our appointment with Dr. I last Thursday and decided it was time to have a repeat MRI done. Not sure when that will be, but I will post as soon as I know. Hopefully we will have some answers to her pain after that.

Carson: Continues to recover from her chiari surgery. She is actually doing really well. Her 3 month post op MRI will be on Nov 19Th. She really looks fantastic.

Cooper: Coop is doing terrific! No medical updates for him! YEAH!!!

Thanks everyone for hanging in there with us. We appreciate all the support.


Angela said...

I like the little twins updates best! I pray for the day when you can report that it's smooth sailing for all 4!!!

Erin said...

Thanks for all the updates! I really like the look of your blog page! Great picture, so cute!