Who's your HERO?

Do you have 1 certain person? Or are you like me where I have many ( my 4 kids, Dr. Jensen....)

On May 1st, I am hoping to add one more HERO to my list - Dr. Ben Carson at Johns Hopkins.

Many of you may have heard of him. There is a book out and a movie called "Gifted Hands - The Ben Carson Story" on TNT. It was fantastic! I am so hoping he will be the answer to all of my prayers.

Carson and I will make our way out to JH in Baltimore, Maryland at the end of April. I can't wait. The thought of having a doctor who is up for the challenge just makes my heart smile. I had been throwing around the idea of going to other neurosurgeons around the Midwest, but I had decided to go right to the top. As many of you may know, my girlfriend Kaci, who helped me through Carson, Cooper, and Riley's surgeries also uses Dr. Carson and they love him. Her 2 children also have cranio and chiari as well. She, and her experiences, had a big impact on our decision to see Dr. Carson. Thanks Kaci!

So, until then, we will still see the doctor in Madison. That will be on April 23rd. I will keep you posted as things get closer.

So, drop me a line and tell me who your HERO is.


Michelle said...

Wow - that's amazing! I've heard a lot about Dr. Carson! Good luck - I can't wait to hear what he has to say about Carson.

Dutch said...

Don't know how long you are staying for but we are just a little over an hour outside of Baltimore! I would love to meet you in person!!!!
I have heard wonderful things about him and I know a nurse through a friend who worked in the PICU and has had so many of his patients and she just raved about him.

Kath said...

Wow, I hope he's every bit as wondeful as he sounds!!

tish said...

Cindy -- I know I've told you this before, but Tom and I consider YOU our hero. For all you've learned and done on behalf of your kids -- for the the undying effort you devote to finding the right answers -- you are our hero.

No doubt about it.

tish and tom

Anonymous said...

Hey there,
Glad to hear you made that decision. If you need a flying partner, I would love to join you. Seriously ! --Jenni

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

You're amazing. You're welcome, BTW. You know that Dr. Carson is our hero and out of 3 nsg. - he's the only one who got both of my kids well....and when we found him, Austin was really bad. Dr. Carson didn't think he would've lived 11 more days after his surgery. UGH. With that said, he is my hero for saving not only Austin but Madi too. My kids too are my hero for enduring all that they have. Other cranio and chiari moms and families like you guys are my heros too. Its always nice to lend an ear or borrow an ear from someone in our shoes - although I wish you weren't. My mom is also my hero because she lost her mother when she was 30 from ovarian cancer. I can't imagine.