Hey, How's it going? Yeah? That's just great! I am so glad to hear it. Now excuse me while I go vomit in a paper bag!

I just wish, for ONCE in my LIFE that things would be written in BLACK and WHITE! Not in craypods and easy to smear!

Hummmm, should I start with the really exciting news or the frustrating news??

I like GREAT news so I will start there. I met with Riley and Keegan's teacher the other night at a school function (because conferences are next week while Matt and I are in Mexico) and she had nothing but fantastic, positive news to tell me. The best part of it is my that my 6 yr old daughter has poked a hole in her shell and she is starting to bloom. She is especially taking off with her reading (which if you know me, I hate to read so I know she did not get it from me - she got her swimming abilities from me, that's something, Right?) She is reading at a 2nd grade level. She and her best friend Hannah are the only 2 in the class that go with a different group outside of the class to read! I can't tell you how excited I am. It was last year at this time that I thought that my traumatized little girl would never come out of her shell again. Boy, she's shown me a thing or 2! Way to go Riley!

Keegan is doing well too. He is reading at a 1st grade level and and is leading his kindergarten pack. YIPPY!

Ok, now for the not so great, confusing news. Carson had her appointment with OT today and she did everything just fine. Let me write that again. She did everything JUST FINE! Most people would be happy with that, but it confuses me to no end. Today was only part 1 of the eval and will continue to part 2 on Monday. But at this point, the OT was hinting, not suggesting, but hinting that is could be chiari related, not a sensory issue. Ugh. I sure hope she has a few more definite answers for me on Monday!

Did any of you catch Oprah a few days back? It was about a little girl who's parents locked her in a room for many years. She was under weight, mentally retard to some extent, and had other issues as well. Well, she also rocked, but instead of rocking back and forth she rocker left to right. Also, her adopted family had a pool in the back yard. She loved to swim and especially loved to be UNDER water. Where am I going with this? this little girl loved the pressure she felt in her head when she rocked and loved the pressure that she felt on her ears/head when she was under the water. Carson does the under the water thing too. During her swimming lessons (that we are currently taking) she spends a good 50% of the time under the water. So, now I just have to figure out what Carson's deal is with the "underwater pressure". What does it do for her?

I don't know.

I am so lost.

Does any of this even make any sense?

*** Also, I forgot to update you last night about Danielle's daughter who underwent surgery yesterday. Aniyah did just fine. She has had some issue with keeping liquids down, but for the most part is doing well. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.


Angela said...

It is no wonder that you are frustrated. Keep pushing on girl! Hey Mexico - that's got to be nice! Have a few of those drinks with the little umbrella! That can be a pleasant distraction!

Erin said...

How fantastic that Keegan and Riley are doing so well! School IS cool! Can't wait to hear all about Mexico. Enjoy some sun and try to turn your brain to "pause" so you can take a break and relax.

Kath said...

I'm so pleased Keegan and Riley are doing so well, and I hope you get some answers about Carson soon!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Riley and Keegan! Way to go!!!!

Maybe we could have a reading party some night...