Prayers Please!!

Ok people, I need some major prayers right now. I need a show of hands who can help with prayer chains!

First: My friend Michelle and her daughter Lindsay need major prayers. Lindsay went in for surgery today at 11:30 for a shunt. It was supposed to be a 6/7 hour surgery, but at 2:22 pm I had gotten a text from her that the surgery was aborted. Something happened and they had to get her out of surgery. So that' not good!

Second: My girlfriend Molly's little girl Marin is going in for kidney surgery tomorrow (at the same hospital Michelle's Lindsay is at)

Third - For my girlfriend Jen who's little boy Jake has just been diagnosed with Chiari. He has a syrinx and a 15 mm herniation. He will most likely be having his decompression surgery before the end of the month.

Thanks for all you help!


Brandi said...

Darlin we are praying!

Becky said...

you always amaze me... with everything on your plate.. you still think of others especially in their time of need.
Doing a little praying for all the kids.. (yours too!)

Dutch said...

They will be in our prayers.

The Bounds Family said...

You left a comment on my blog, "Please pray for my husband". I would like to talk to you about Chiari, if thats ok. Could you e-mail me please; kbo1047428@aol.com.