Is it Friday yet?

I can't even express how excited I am for Friday to get here!

Finally, Carson will get in with Dr. Edgar, our new neurologist. I am hoping he will shed some light onto why Carson is "the way she is". We have heard really good things about him and we hope he can give us some resolution.

Something else I want to mention.... My girlfriend, Leigh, who works with children with special needs, attended a conference last Friday and the PhD speaker spoke about Sensory processing disorder. Leigh is very familiar with Carson and her rocking/ banging issues and she said this disorder fit Carson to the "T".
I am interested in bringing the topic up with Dr. Edgar on Friday to see what his thoughts are.
I have so many questions and have high hopes for answers.

Also, Last week I switched Keegan and Carson chiari care to Dr. Iskandar at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. He welcomed both kids with open arms. The reason for the switch? For one, it's closer to us. It's only a 2 hour drive instead of a 4 - 8 hour drive to the Univ of Chicago. And second -our insurance covers it!
However, because Dr. Frim operated on Riley, I will keep Riley in his care for a awhile longer. Dr. Frim and Dr. Iskandar are "good pals" and if there are any issues with the care, I am sure the 2 will talk.

So over all, for the first time in awhile, I am feeling good about the kids care.

Did I mention it's only 21 more days until Matt and I leave for Mexico - by OUR SELVES for a week?!?

P.S - Hi Jerry and Annie!


Brandi said...

Love the blog design! I am praying that you find out all the answers you need concerning Carson. I am sure that no matter what she will get the best help, and have more love than most children know what to do with!

Michelle said...


Can I come with to Mexico!???