Hi /Lo Thursday

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My Hi is that we are seeing a new neurologist for Carson on Friday. I have hopes for a resolution for her violent rocking (see 2 post below)I have hope that we will be lead in the right direction.

My low has been my battle with what could be causing the rocking. I am not at the point that I can accept that she rocks just for stimulation. There has been talk (and research) of Sensory prosessing disorder, ADHD, theand possibility of tramatic brain injury from the 2 skull reconstruction surgeries she has had.

I hope that next week will be better.


Sarah said...

Praying for some answers and direction for you and Carson's care!

purejoy said...

i hope your little guy's issues get properly diagnosed so that you can best shepherd him through what will need to be addressed. you sound like a really great mom.

deborah said...

Hi good luck with everything tomorrow at your new doctor, I'm sure everything will go great. Just to let you know I have a 4 1/2 year old son that does this and he is in a special school and there are several kids that do this sort of rocking. My son was diagnosed with Autism,Pica, and sensory processing disorder, but this is definitely a sensory behavior. This is very calming for them.