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Today I got an email stating that our pictures were up on The Littlest Heroes Project site!! What I didn't expect to see was our picture on the home page!! http://www.littlestheroesproject.org/Littlest_Heroes_Project/Home.html How Exciting!

Then, If you go here, http://www.littlestheroesproject.org/Littlest_Heroes_Project/Our_Heroes.html

You will see the 3 kids pictures and brief stories.

We are still waiting for our picture CD from the session. I am dying to see ALL of our pics.


Brandi said...

Beautiful pics!

Anonymous said...


Michelle said...

oh man.

Okay - your kids are beautiful!! How cool to have their pics taken - I hope you share some with us when you get them!

And I know, I know - I FINALLY got around to signing up my girls. Tonight, in fact, I went to the website & did it.

but then? OH MY GOSH. there are so many heroes. Wow. So touching, all the bios on that site!

Kath said...


That is a brilliant picture!

Becky said...

i love all the pictures and stories.. what a touching website... such beautiful pictures of all the children.

Anonymous said...

How exciting!!!
Love to all,