Sick Joke!

Ah hmm.....
I would love to know who's at the other end of this VERY disturbing, SICK joke!!!

For you that know me...Matt and I only create in two's. So how fitting!

I think my husband just about had a heart attack when he saw these sitting on our counter. He was sure we had a medical miracle on our hands!!

We did get a good laugh though!

So, because there is NO WAY in hell we'll ever be needing these again, I would love to send it to you!

Please leave a comment about a funny moment you experienced with your baby while feeding.

I will announce the winner (who made me laugh the hardest) on Wednesday, Feb 4th.


Lost A Sock said...

I'm not the one who sent them to you, but I'll most definitely take them (waving hands wildly in the air) - I've got a baby on Enfamil!

...but I can't think of any funny baby feeding stories? Sure, she stops eating to pass gas, then smiles and goes right back to eating (atta daddy's girl, Marin) but that's about all I've got.

Dutch said...

While nursing my son at my sisters house her then 2 1/2 year old, looked at me and my son, then went to my sister and grabbed her boobs and said "I want some."

Barbara Manatee said...

OK, got a funny one for you. Its not about me personally, but I hope it'll still count!

A friend's sister nursed her son till he was almost 2, I think. He would ask for it by saying "milky milky?"

Well, his aunt was over one night, getting ready to go out to celebrate someone's birthday and all dressed up for the bar. Ty looked her up and down and in his cute 2 year old voice said "nice shoes! nice pants!" (and then his eyes came to rest on her cleavage baring chest) and said..."milky milky?"

And yes, I'd like to be considered in the contest...am hoping to breastfeed for as along as possible but may need formula for when I return back to work.