2008 in a nutshell

I can not believe how fast 2008 flew by. Can you? It just seems like yesterday that we were ringing in 2008!! Things have got to slow down or my kids will be off to college or worst yet, married before I know it!

So, I thought I would share a little recap of last year:


~Jan 3rd my parents were ready to head off to NJ for 10 days with Carson and Cooper. It would be the first time I was away from them for such a long period of time.

~ Riley had her appointment with the speech pathologist. The results came back that she has a very tiny gag reflux and that she is aspirating liquids/foods. sens Dr. Frim in Chicago.

~ Riley and I started making Chiari bracelets to sell.

~ Jan 17th Riley had her first appointment with Dr. Frim in Chicago and found out she would be needing a chiari decompression surgery.

~ We celebrated Riley and Keegans 5th birthday!

~ And we celebrated the dedication of the Appleton West pool to my dad!


~ We did a LOT of stressing at the beginning of the month trying to prepare everyone for Riley's chiari surgery.

~ Feb 10th Nana and Papa took Riley and Keegan to see Mama Mia at our PAC.

~ We started a bathroom remodeling project that lasted longer than planned!

~ Feb 12th Matt, myself and Riley moved into the RMDH in Chicago

~ Feb 13th Riley went into surgery at 12:45p and was out at 5:45p.

~ And who could forget THE SPONGE?

~ I also tried to blog 30 friends in 30 days to keep my mind off things but it didn't last too long!


~ Brett Favre left the Packers.

~Keegan had an MRI to look for Chiari.

~We put a new roof on the house instead of going to Disney.


~ Stood in line for Deal or No deal tryouts.

~ We had Carson and Cooper's MRI sent to Dr. Frim to check for possible Chiari's.

~ Celebrated my 34 th birthday.

~ Found out that Carson also has Chiari Malformation and Cooper does not.

~ Keegan went in for a swallow study.

~ Cooper had a repeat MRI.

~ Carson had a spine survey MRI.

~ Friends of ours gave us a patio set for my birthday!

~ Even had time to squeeze in a few play dates!


~ Riley goes back to school after her surgery!

~ Me, my mom and dad take all 4 kids to Chicago to see Dr. Frim for an appointment.

~ I had trigger finger surgery on my right hand.

~ I took Carson to see Dr. Jensen in MIL. Will have a ICP probe placed in the next month.


~ Took a family trip to San Antonio Texas for a family reunion! ~ Keegan learned to ride a 2 wheel bike!

~ Carson had her ICP probe surgery.

~ My friend Debi did a Discovery Toy fundraiser for us.

~ And to top this off, Keegan fell off his bike and broke his arm.


~ Went to the rodeo in Manawa

~Spent some family time at the lake

~ Went to Discover Camp and battled the mesquitos.

~ Saw Dr. Jensen and decided it was time for Carson to have a repeat CVR surgery.

~ Went to the movies to see Mama Mia


~ Brett Favre is a JET!

~ My mom, dad, and I drove out to NJ with all 4 kids. Stopping at my MIL's in Indiana, My dear Friend Kaci's in Ohio, and my cousin Jocelyn's in PA along the way.

~ The Summer Olympics - Michael Phelps!

~ Matt's Birthday.

~ Celebrated our 8 yr anniversary.

~ Carson CVR surgery.


~ Riley and Keegan's first day of Kindergarten!

~My dear friend Molly delivered her 3 child - A little girl, Marin!

~ Carson was diagnosed with kidney reflux.

~Spent a lot of time up at the lake!

~ Quarry Quest

~ Our walk for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.

~Keegan swallowed 2 pennies.


~ Carson's MRI post cranio surgery.

~ Our HUGE scare with SCABIES!

~ Cleaned, cleaned, cleaned and NO scabies! I think I was punked! Can laugh about it now, right?

~ Riley's Swimming lessons and Keegan's Karate class.

~ 24 hours stomach flu.

~ Trip to Indiana / Trick or Treating at Nana's


~ Riley lost her first tooth!


~ Trip to Chicago to see Dr. Frim. Riley: MRI and Spinal tap - Appointment with Frim, Carson: Spinal tap.

~ The kids received the "Beads of Courage". For every prick, poke, NPO, Scan, you name it, they get a special bead. Riley is leading our pack with 33 beads!


1 orange - picc line

4 blue - office visits

1 tortoise - lumbar puncture

1 purple -morphine

5 black - pokes

8 Lt green -tests (MRI etc)

1 aqua -foley tube

5 yellow - inpatient

3 dk green - NPO

2 stars - surgery


2 Act of courage beads (1 for the sponge)

~Carson has 15 beads, and Keegan has 8.

~ Carson and Cooper's 3rd birthday!!!

~ Black Friday!

And Finally December!

~ Carson back to Chicago to see Dr. Frim. She had a second LP and a MRV. Surprise visit from Brain Urlacher and Greg Olsen.

~Anonymous donation of over $1000 in gift cards.

~ Riley lost her second tooth!

~ And Christmas!

Fewwww, it's been a long year! Here is to things that went by so fast that I forgot, and to a happy & healthy New Year!

Thanks to you of you for sticking by me these last 12 months!


Erin said...

Wow, my jaw is on the floor. Busy, busy year yet you all took it in wonderful stride. I am praying for a quieter, calmer year for your family. So here's to a year of losing teeth, broken bones, and band-aid fixes. Missin' you guys!

Angela said...

What a year. Let's pray that next year is MUCH calmer and less eventful. And filled with more girls nights out!