Happy 6th Birthday Riley and Keegan!

Today my babies are 6 yrs old and I can't even begin to tell you how sad it makes me. 6 yrs old, SERIOUSLY? Where did the time go???
It's hard to believe that they were only 2 1/2 yrs old when Cooper and Carson were born. I do feel like I missed out a bit with them during the 3 - 4 yrs due to the other kids, but man, I would not trade it for the world!
I love you Riley and Keegan and I hope you had a great day!!


Becky said...

Wow... that did go fast! Happy Birthday to Riley and Keegan!

Makes me think back... we must have been around their age when we met on good old Ridge Lane!

Wonder where they will be thirty years from now!

Lost A Sock said...

I was waiting for this post yesterday! Happy Birthday Riley & Keegan! Hope you had a great day - and hope they loved their doll & legos!

Erin said...

Happy, Happy Birthday on this your special day. Happy, happy birthday that's why we're here to say. Happy, happy birthday may all your dreams come true. Happy, happy birthday from all of us to you!!!

Happy Birthday Keegan and Riley!

Kath said...


I hope you had a wonderful day!

Michelle said...

Wow! SIX!! How fun!!

Happy Birthday, Riley & Keegan!!!

Teena in Toronto said...

Happy birthday!

Happy blogoversary!