Oh what a week

SHHEEZ, time sure flies by when you are busy.

School, homework, and projects, pizza party (with Tom Pease), potty training, swimming lessons, karate class, gym class for Carson and Cooper....... and now it starts all over again!

Potty training has gone VERY well! By George, I think they've got it!! I no long have to ask during the day, "Do you have to go potty?" or "Time to go potty!" The poop part of it, well we are working on that. I think they have come up with a pretty darn good plan I must say. I put them in a pull up for nap time, and when they wake up they've pooped. I guess it's better than cleaning poop out of undies, Right?

This week is PACKED full of fun activities again, ending with everyones favorite.
Tonight we have swimming lesson for both Riley and Keegan. Tomorrow Carson and Cooper have their little tot gym class. I love it! I drop them off for an hour and by the time I pick them up they are WIPED OUT!! Who wouldn't love that for their HIGH ENERGY, tired of being stuck inside, 3 yr olds????

Wednesday night is karate for Riley and Keegan, and Thursday we will be busy packing for our long, overdue, trip to my girlfriend Molly's for the weekend.

On another note....We are still having issues with Carson and her rocking. She is now rocking so violently that she is shaking all the pictures on our bedroom walls (ours is below her room). We've got an appointment with a good pediatric neurologist in Green Bay. At this point, her appointment is in March, but our pediatrician is trying to decided if she wants it moved up or try and get in at Children's Hospital in Milwaukee. So, I will let you know more hopefully this week.

It is supposed to get to -40 this week here. I guess there is a chance that I may have all 4 home from school this week. Let's pray that doesn't happen!!!


Becky said...

I love the picture of the kids. So cute.

I am glad to hear you guys are keeping busy. All the classes sound like fun!

I hope someone figures out what they can do to help Little Miss Carson.

BTW... so happy I don't live there anymore.. holy cow -40... SERIOUSLY! ugh.

Erin said...

The photo is fantastic! The kids look so grown-up. You all need to stay warm with your crazy busy schedules this week. Talk to you soon!