Friends, Potty training, TGI Fridays, OH MY!

It was a blessing this past Friday that the kids didn't have school due to FREAKING FREEZING temperatures. It was a blessing because I didn't have to lie to the Appleton school district about why I was pulling my kids out of school on Friday! "HI, I am calling to let you know that Riley and Keegan won't be in school today due to an illness. Thanks" NOT!!! Instead of playing hooky - We had a free pass to head to our friends house in Indiana! It was fun but MAN, the kids have us out numbered! Lets do the math, shall we? TWO Mommies, TWO Daddy's, THREE - 6 yr olds, THREE - 3 yr olds and ONE - 4 month old. Which also equals to, 3 children in potty training mode, 4 children fighting over which transformer they want to play with, 1 baby who eats every 3 - 4 hours and does not sleep through the night, 1 mommy who tried hard not to blow her WW points and one mommy who didn't give a rip. That about sums it up!

Despite all the children, we parents actually had a great time. Things were going so good that we even decided to take our families to the local TGI Fridays during dinner hour and wait for 30 minutes for a table. Oh, and we need 7 children's menus PLEASE!

The kids waited nicely, we had a few scuffles over transformers, but all and all things went as well as they possibly could.
Thanks friends for such a great weekend! We hope to see you guys again soon!!!
I also heard from the Littlest Heroes Project and they connected me to the photographer who we will be working with us http://www.photobyaubrey.com/
I am so excited. Our session will be on Feb 1st in her studio. I am working hard to find fun outfits for the kiddos to wear. If you have any fun picture ideas, or clothes that make great pics, please shout it out! I would love to hear any idea that you have!


Erin said...

What a great time you crazy parents had! I would have loved to see your server's eyes when she saw your table of 7 kids. Glad you had a wonderful time and good weather too! Thanks for the heads-up on Gymboree!

jodid said...

Yeah!! I am so excited to hear that Aubrey is the one who will be doing your pictures. She is so great! Good luck picking out 4(!) outfits:) Looking forward to meeting you for lunch today!!