First bit of business - CONGRATS to my dear friend Molly (and her family) who just delivered her 3rd child - Marin Ann! Way to go Moll! Hope everyone continues to do well! We love ya!

Second: Kindergarten is going GREAT! The kids love it! They have learned so much in just a very short time! Carson, Cooper and I have been keeping busy with arrons. Imagine - only with 2 kiddos!

Third: Carson is recovering VERY well. She is still rocking - which is concerning, but we are still figuring all of it out. Because she had a UTI in August, she will be having a ultra sound of her bladder and kidneys, and some "dye" test this coming Wed. Hopefully it will come back normal. We would love nothing more than to stay AWAY from CHW! Next Thursday we are back to CHW to see Dr. Jensen for her post op appointment. I am sure all will go well.

We are working with Dr. Frim in Chicago to find out when her next ICP test will be done. It's looking like it will be done in Oct or Nov. Hopefully, it will give us some answers to why she is still rocking.

So, that's all for now.
Hope all is well with you!

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