Things not getting any better

JUst a little update on Carson and Cooper.

Cooper had his test yesterday to see if he also has the bladder reflux. Good news....He doesn't. Bad news.....His pee pee hurts A LOT, and he has a fever......

Carson my dear has been the devil child lately. I can't help wondering if they slipped her somthing while she was under. LOL. Seriously....she hasn't been the same since she went into surgery. She is irritable, aggressive, not eating well, head banging the back of her head....so I talked to the NS and she will be having a MRI next Thursday. Yes, they will have to put her under, but we NEED to find out what is going on in her little head.

Will this saga ever end?

I attended a chat group last night with a plastic surgeon. He was alot of help and was a wealth of information. He actually showed interest in Carson's deal with high ICP, chiari and cranio. just from chit chat, he thought Carson may have a syndromic craniosynostosis. Which is not the best situation..... I have contacted him for more thoughts on treatment for Cars.

He did some training with our team and knows them well.

Here's hoping for some answers.

Monday, My mom and I are taking all 4 kids to a geneticist.
Hopefully we will get more answers there too.


BoufMom9 said...

Looking forward to what you find out on Monday. Hoping you finally get some real answers and maybe even some goodnews (wouldn't that be nice????)

Anonymous said...

Great news about Coop not having it! Sorry you're dealing with the after effects of it all.

Sounds like appts never slow down there - genetics, a new MRI...
keep us posted.