$700 Billion has nothing on us. I'm worried about 2 cents.

Today, my mom and I took all 4 kids to the geneticist. Long story short, it's looking like Carson has something called Saethre-Chotzen syndrome. She had a few key factor which the doctor was looking for. We will wait to see the final results before we have the other kids tested.

On to other funny (or not) topics.

After we got home from CHW, Keegan was laying in my bed and frantically came out screaming.

Eff $700 billion, I am worried about 2 cents!!
I quickly called the the doctor and she told me if we don't see 2 pennies in 48 hours that we should think about a SURGEON!!!!

Then as my mom and I were laughing (actually crying) my mom looks outside and there is my GOOD shark vacuum sitting in the grass, by the way....it's raining!!!

I now KNOW, I have lost control of myself, my kids, and this house.......(please don't call social services!!)


BoufMom9 said...

Geez Cindy! When it rains, it pours! WOW!
Here's hoping you find two pennies REAL soon!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry... I'm sure the pennies will come out in two days.

No needs to call social services, social services reads your blog.

Hang in there your a good mom!!!