Oh the places we'll go

Quarry Quest
Cooper driving the crane

Diggin' for gems

The 3 amigos

(Carson spent the morning with nana. No need for sand in the stiches)

Dump truck rides!

Coop driving the "digger"

Keegan driving the crane


Lake pictures

Just hanging out in the grass all by myself

Here she comes - Pucker up puppy!





Here I come again!

Bump - before surgery

very little bump after surgery.


Lost A Sock said...

Quarry Quest looks like fun! My boys would have loved it, too. :o)

So glad the bump is looking better. Definite difference.

Michelle said...

I wondered who was crazy enough to go to the quarry in the rain - now I know! Haha! We went the past couple years, Braden wasn't into it this year (and the girls couldn't go, so ... whatever).

Carson's bump is looking better! Visibly better! That's wonderful.

Barbara Manatee said...

That Quary Quest looks interesting! Where's that? How fun to get to dig and 'drive' those big cranes!