Oh hummm

No word on the appointment today for the kids 2nd opinions. I did try to make an appoinment, but they are all filled during the time that they are here. The nurse up here was going to contact the nurse down there to see if they can squeeze us in someplace. I sure hope they have room. It would make life just a bit easier on us. Speaking of easier - things don't ever seem like they will ever get that way.....
Tomorrow, Carson has a doctors appointment because our PT believes her right leg is longer than her left. So, I guess we will find out. If so, it should be an easy fix. Then it's off to the eye doctor to see if her eyes are working "together". Carson has been doing alot of side steeping and a few other odd things, so we have been advise to make sure her eyes are ok.

So, after I wake up, get Riley on the bus, hand Keegan over to Matt to take to school, I will put on my sweats, tie up my sneakers, and run like hell.

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my4kids said...

Wow sounds like a busy day. Hope all is well with Carson and you get in for that second opinion appointment.