Calling all knitters!!! In need of some HUGE favors!

Yea, it's finally December! Which means - CHRISTMAS TIME! I have to admit, I am a sucker for Christmas. I just love all the lights, the decorations, the feeling in the air........ I just love it all. All except the frigged temps that goes along with a Wisconsin December. Ladies and gents.....it hit a high of 18 degrees today with a wind that would knock your socks off, or at least freeze your boogers to your face!

OK, back to the point of my entry. Many of you may read my good friend Michelle's Blog.

Michelle and I have been friend for a short period of time (since late spring, but now feels like FOREVER - love ya girl!) when she started coming to our Mother's of Multiples meetings - Michelle was anxiously awaiting the birth of her twin daughters. We'll in May, Michelle finally delivered her twin girls, but sadly, the unexpected happened. And then, if you cruz through Michelle's blog, you will see that since May, it has been anything BUT a cake walk for her and her family. A few days before Thanksgiving, Karly, Michelle's oldest daughter, who is now 13,

had a mass removed, plus a ovary and her fallopian tube. This family spent Thanksgiving at Children's Hospital. That's just not right. Now, the biopsy of the mass has come back, and I am so sad to say that Karly has cancer. In fact, to make matters worse (if that's even possible) she has such a rare form of cancer, and she has been told that the doctors aren't really sure how to treat her. The doctors at CHW have been contacting doctors in Europe and at St. Jude's hospital to figure this out. How crazy is that?

This family needs to catch a break and it needs to be huge, and SOON!

Karly will be starting chemo with in the next couple of weeks they believe.

Our family participated in a walk for Children's hospital in September, and walked in memory of their daughter Lydia. I also want to help Karly out as well.

I have started a new webpage for Karly - CAPS 4 KARLY to help collect soft, fuzzy, warm, fun hats, for during her chemo period.
Please go here http://caps4karly.wetpaint.com/?mail=1124&t=anon if you are interested in donating a new hat. Or contact me at Ladybug_wi@yahoo.com and we can work out the details.

Like I said earlier - it was 18 degrees here today.


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